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Many people believe the things they want from life are just outside of their reach. They may even believe they are far outside of their reach- but the reality is, having it all comes down to your mindset.

What if I told you that you could have whatever you want from life, you just have to get clear on what it is that you want, and make clear strides towards your desires. You may be shaking your head- but experts, agree, the key to getting what you want and getting more out of your life is already inside of you- you just have to understand the lock.

Here are 6 expert-backed tips for getting what you want most out of life.

1. Understand your goals.

What do you want most from your life? Many life coaches use a model referred to as the G.R.O.W method. The first letter is G for goals- because it’s important to understand where you are headed to take a clear path towards it. For example, three months from now, how can you improve your life? What are three things that you wish you could achieve or work on achieving now? Break your goals up into small milestones, and as you reach them, create new ones.

2. Focus on commitment, not motivation.

There will be days where you will not feel motivated at all – and if you rely on motivation alone, you will have a hard time staying consistent. Remember what your why is, and remember why you are committed to your goals.

3. Change your mindset.

“The thoughts that occupy your mind determine the outcome that you have in life. That’s because they determine your belief systems. Your belief systems determine your habits. Your habits determine your actions, which determine the outcome. Mindset, belief systems, habits, actions, and outcomes are everything.” -Bedros Keuilian, found of Fit Body Boot Camp, host of “Empire Podcast Show.”

4. Stay mindful.

Practicing mindfulness is a powerful way to achieve your goals. It’s easy to get caught up in your mind and get swept away by your thoughts, which can be extremely distracting in the present moment. When you catch yourself getting lost in your thoughts, use mindfulness techniques to pull yourself back. One great one is to bring awareness to the who/what/when/where/why of your reality. Ask yourself, “What am I doing? Who am I at this moment with. When is this moment happening?” and so on. It is grounding.

5. Change your daily routine.

I hear many people talking about things they want, but when asked what are going to change to make this happen, they seem shocked. Unless you can give up, change up, and add beneficial habits to your routine, you will likely have a hard time achieving your goal. For example, let’s say you want to lose weight. If you don’t make changes in your routine- you won’t move towards that goal. You have to eat differently, move differently and live differently to reach it. This applies to almost anything.

6. Get rid of distractions.

How often do you waste time? I spent much of my life trying to find time in my day to waste when in reality, the more productive I am with my time, the more results I see. I’m not saying to not take time to enjoy a distraction- but when you spend much of your productive time by wasting it- you will regret it.