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A strong bond with your child can be beneficial in a myriad of ways. Not only is it crucial to their development, but it is also crucial to the harmony of your household.

Creating a strong bond with your child is one of the best gifts you can ever give them. Of course, building that bond throughout the years is of the utmost importance. If you are looking to build your bond, then you may be wondering what the benefits are. While some of them may seem obvious, other benefits are ones you likely may not have even considered. Here are 6 ways a strong connection with your child benefits both of you.

1. They will behave better.

The better your relationship is with your child, the more likely they will want to listen to you. While they may not want to put their toys up and get ready for bed regularly, when you spend more time with them during playtime, it’s much more likely they will listen.

2. They will trust you.

A crucial part of any relationship is establishing trust. Kids need to learn to trust their parents because we set the stage for who they can trust later on. if you expect your child to trust you, you have got to build that bond.

3. They will turn to you when they need help.

When you’ve spent your child’s entire life just doing the bare minimum, never listening to them, and never building a bond, do you think they will turn to you in their time of need? It’s far more likely they will lean on someone else. That is why you must put the bond before all else.

4. They are more likely to follow your rules.

If you want your child to follow your rules, you need to gain their respect. While modeling respect and instilling it helps, building a bond will do far more.

5. They are more likely to live by your values.

Most parents expect their children to live by their values. However, when there is a major separation between the child and parent, this can be hard to achieve. If you value the bond and make sure to attend to it, your child is much more likely to fall in line.

6. They are more likely to treat others will kindness.

People tend to treat others how they have been treated. If you treat your child like they are beneath you, they will treat others the same. If you expect them to treat others kindly, then it’s important to make building a bond a priority.