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While we all like different songs, genres, and so forth we are all still getting the same effects within through listening to music. We listen to music for a wide range of reasons, sometimes we listen to it to get pumped and other times we might want to relax.

Music changes our brains and really affects our moods big time. No matter what wherever you go there is usually music playing on some level. The world we live in is extremely music oriented which kind of explains how it makes such a difference in our lives. Below I am going to go over some of the ways in which music affects us. Music engages our brains in a number of ways and really works to put us where we need to be depending on what we’re listening to.

6 Interesting Ways That Music Affects Our Brains and Moods:

1. It helps improve our memories.

Music therapy has been used for a good while now to help those with Alzheimer’s come back to reality at least for a short while each time. It has been determined that episodic memories in those affected by this disease are triggered by songs that the people listening consider to be familiar. Your favorite songs could help you out big time in the future.

2. It gets us excited.

Music is something that really pulls us out of our shells. We can usually relate to just about anyone if they have a similar taste in music to our own. If we listen to something we like it can really make us feel quite upbeat.

3. It improves our ability to pay attention.

Music is a great way to work on our attention skills. When a song or artist draws you in and demands your attention you should give it to them. Researchers have found that we have a peak in brain activity when things like this happen and through that, we are able to work to focus more properly on other things as well.

4. It stimulates emotion.

Listening to music stimulates emotion. When we choose our favorite songs we do so because they bring forth different emotions to us. Some songs might make us think of our past and others our lovers. Regardless of the emotions that the music is bringing forth, there is no denying their presence.

5. It relaxes us.

When you want to relax and get rid of some stress you might opt to listen to your favorite song. Winding down at the end of the day is a lot easier when you’re listening to something that you enjoy. If you’re worked up and flustered listening to music can and will in most cases allow you to calm down.

6. It increases brain connectivity and spatial intelligence.

While the music and art programs are usually the first to go at most schools that doesn’t seem like a good idea considering how important music really is. Music has been proven as able to improve language development, increase IQ, improve test scores, and so much more. Music really helps children put their best foot forward when it comes to their educations.