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Throughout our lives, we all experience many different kinds of people. Some of those people are people who help us become more-so our truest forms and others well, not so much.

Not everyone believes that the people in our lives are here for specific reasons but if you’re someone who seeks out spiritual guidance and really works to align properly with the universe you know how important the connections we have with others here on this planet can be. We all know about the lover soulmate but there are plenty of other kinds of soulmates all around us. Below I am going to go over some of those and really help you to better understand what your friends and family might be holding for you in this life and perhaps the next.

6 Types Of Soulmates We All Find In Our Lives Whether We Expect To Or Not:

1. The Lover Soulmate

The lover soulmate is the soulmate that everyone knows to be their ‘soulmate.’ This is basically the person who comes into your life and loves you unconditionally. Most people find their soulmates and spend their lives with them. That being said, the journey to find them is a lot harder than you could ever imagine.

2. The Healing Soulmate

The healing soulmate is the soulmate that helps you through your roughest points. They can be someone you’re close to or someone you hardly know. These kinds of soulmates remind you that even in the darkest moments you can overcome the things before you.

3. The Friend Soulmate

The friend soulmate is a soulmate that most people overlook. This could be a friend (or family member) who comes in and saves you in more ways you might have thought possible. They are there for you to lean on in your darkest hours and you can rely on them in ways most other people would never be able to. These people have your back and you have theirs, no matter the situation.

4. The Teacher Soulmate

While a hard teacher for most, the teacher soulmate is one that will come into your life at the most unexpected moment and teach you a lesson. Not everyone has a good experience with this kind of soulmate but everyone gets what the universe intended for them to out of the encounter. While it can be confusing, the lesson they bring is something you should never avoid.

5. The Stranger Soulmate

The Stranger soulmate is a soulmate that you might not see coming. He or she will be someone you do not know. Perhaps you will see them at work or pass them on the street but regardless they will leave some kind of impact in your life. The words they speak stick with you and are exactly what you need even if it takes a little while for things to properly sink in.

6. The Game-Changing Soulmate

This soulmate is a painful one but one that you will never be able to avoid. He or she is going to come into your life and shake things to the core. You might wish you had never met him/her but at the end of the day, you would not be who you are without him/her. These kinds of soulmates don’t stick around for long, but they are very important for our growth.