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Sadly sometimes when we decide to end a relationship, we’re the only ones who want that relationship to come to an end. This kind of thing can be heartbreaking to the person we’re leaving and leave them feeling quite lost.

There is nothing wrong with leaving someone when you feel it is time. If you’ve outgrown the connection and you feel that the person you’re with is no longer who you want to be with don’t let them guilt you into staying. Sure, you need to be aware of their feelings and minimize the strain that comes forth through this process but holding on when you’re ready to let go is never the right option.

Below I am going to go over some of the things you need to make sure you do when it comes to ending things with someone who still loves and cares for you. That person still deserves respect on your part and you both need to be aware of how the other is feeling. Just because it’s coming to an end does not mean that things have to leave off on bad terms.

6 Things You Need To Do When Ending Things With Someone Who Still Loves and Cares For You:

1. Think things through before bringing it up.

Before you ever mention this to your partner you need to know that you are truly considering breaking up with them. Make sure you’re not just getting cold feet and that you do truly want to potentially end things. Once you bring up leaving, things will never be the same and keeping that in mind is important.

2. Take an outside look at yourself.

Question yourself and why you’re considering this choice. Is this something you need to do and why do you feel you need to do it? Is leaving the answer you’re looking for or it is a cop-out because you too find that you feel deeply for this person?

3. Talk to your partner about what you’re feeling, don’t leave them in the dark.

Once you’ve thought things through and feel that leaving is something you are truly interested in talk to your partner about it. Sit down one on one and really discuss things. Do not leave them in the dark to wonder why you seem to be drawing away.

4. Listen to what your partner has to say in regard.

Listen to the things your partner has to say about this and how they feel in regards. Try to help them to better understand the situation and give them the respect that they deserve as a whole. Just because you want to leave does not mean you both have to suffer as a result.

5. Discuss how this process can be made easier on your partner as a whole.

Ask your partner how things should be done if leaving is something you are set on. Should you leave right away to keep this from hurting him/her further or do they need you to stay through the month so that you two can properly get back on your feet if you’re in a shared living situation. Work through the details together, not on your own.

6. Don’t dive into a new relationship right away.

Do not be quick to get into another relationship. Once you’ve left you need to take some time for yourself. Don’t make it look as though you were leaving this person who cares about you just so you could find someone else right away.

While this process in itself is full of emotion and can be quite hard to go through it is something some of us have to face. Make it as much of a learning experience as possible and do not repeat things in the same manner again. Slow down, quit diving into things so fast.