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Relationships have lots of ups and downs, but how we face those ups and downs matter. The things we do can either help our relationships or ruin them, depending on the way we go about them. 

If you’re not appreciating your partner, ignoring him/her, or even just holding them to expectations that are a bit too high, you could be ruining things. While they might not seem like much, the smallest things make the biggest differences. Below, I am going to go over some different areas that we sometimes mess up in. 

To improve how you respond to feedback and manage emotions in your relationship, Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames‘ by Thich Nhat Hanh can be a life-changing read. This book provides profound insights and practical techniques for understanding and transforming anger, enhancing the emotional health of your relationship.

Of course, not all of these areas are going to be as clear-cut for everyone, but if you’re messing up in love they will be highlighted. If you’re doing these things, you’re wasting not only your time, but the time of your partner as well. Stop doing these things and give your lover the respect and effort that he or she deserves.

6 Things That You Could Be Doing To Ruin Your Relationship Without Realizing:

1. You’re closed off to feedback and quick to anger.

We all have emotions and there is nothing wrong with being angry sometimes, but you need to go about it properly. Don’t lash out when your partner tries to explain something to you. Chances are the feedback they’re giving you is completely warranted, to begin with.

2. You spend way too much time on your phone or glued to some kind of screen.

We all love spending time on our technological devices, but these things must be limited. Don’t spend so much time on your phone that you ignore your lover. That will only make your relationship strained.

For couples struggling with balancing technology use and quality time, The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life‘ by Anya Kamenetz offers a valuable perspective. This book explores how to create a healthy balance between screen time and personal interaction, essential for nurturing a thriving relationship.

3. You’re not as open to proper communication as you might say you are.

Communication is something we cannot have a relationship without. If you and your partner are unable to sit down and talk things out, there is something very wrong between the two of you. You might as well go ahead and call it quits if you can’t be comfortable enough with each other to talk through your issues.

4. You’re constantly pushing your partner’s boundaries.

When it comes to relationships boundaries are needed on both sides. If you’re refusing to respect your partner and his/her boundaries, you’re crossing serious lines. This will lead to the end of your relationship if you don’t stop now, that I can assure you of.

5. You don’t show very much affection and intimacy is lacking.

Because you’re not showing your partner the affection he/she needs, they are feeling quite disconnected. Romantic relationships, in general, need intimacy to thrive properly. No, you don’t have to get it on every single night to be intimate – just try to be a little closer and more connected with the person you love.

To enhance intimacy and show affection in your relationship, The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts‘ by Gary Chapman is an invaluable resource. This book helps in understanding and expressing love in ways that resonate with your partner, fostering a deeper emotional connection.

6. You’re too busy with other things and refusing to see the issues at hand.

You are not seeing things as they are because you’re too caught up in life itself. You refuse to see your partner and his/her feelings because you’re busy with work or something else of the sort. This stems back to a lack of communication, but can go much further in the end.