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Just because we send our children to school to learn things does not mean we have nothing to teach them at home. While a lot of parents are freaking out about what their kids will be doing while stuck at home, perhaps they should be taking the name ‘teacher’ on. 

For some reason a lot of parents just let their kids sit at home online when they’re not at school and while that’s fine in moderation, spending too much time on the internet can be a bad thing. Perhaps now while your kids are home you can help them to learn how to do things like cook, clean, sew, or specifically make time for things they would be learning in school. Not only will it keep them entertained, it will also keep them from becoming couch potatoes.

Below, I am going to go over a few of the things that as parents, we can teach our kids that they might not learn as well in a classroom. Take into consideration your kids’ age as well as where they are development wise and have at it. You might be surprised at how much you can learn from them too. Take advantage of the time you get to spend with your families right now and make the most of it.

6 Things To Teach Your Kids That They Won’t Learn In A Classroom:

1. Teach them how taxes work if they’re old enough.

While a lot of people think that schools teach you how to do your taxes, they don’t. I never learned how to do mine while in school and when I was out in the real world that was a bit of a headache at first. Show your kids that when they work for money that some of that money has to go to taxes, otherwise they’re going to have a hard reality hit later on.

2. Show them how to cook.

Teaching your kids how to cook is important. As the world becomes more and more fast food-focused and instant foods become cheaper and cheaper, cooking is not as prominent as it once was. Let them help you out with dinner and make sure they’re picking up properly. Even the youngest kids can help with cooking on some levels.

3. Give them more responsibility with cleaning.

While not all kids like chores, all kids need chores. Even the youngest/smallest kids can have their own sets of chores. This teaches them to be responsible and makes a big difference in how they grow up. Don’t let them dive into their video games without doing the things they need to do first.

4. Go over basic laws with them.

In school, we learn about some laws but we don’t really learn about all the basic ones. Go over different things with your kids and make sure they know the consequences of their actions. The more they know at a younger age the better choices they may make in the future as they grow.

5. Make sure they know how to manage stress properly.

Teach your kids to manage their stress levels and ensure that they know how important it is to do-so. Don’t let them think that they should be overdoing it all the time. We all have our limits, and we all need breaks sometimes.

6. Go over first aid and emergency response with them.

Considering the things we’re facing right now in the world, going over basic first aid and how to respond to different emergencies is important. Show them what they need to do in different situations. They need to be prepared and know that they are able to protect themselves in whatever circumstances come forth.