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If you have found the right partner, the last thing you want to do is make them feel underappreciated. And while there are plenty of articles out there that focus on how to make a woman feel wanted, for this one, we will focus on the other side of the coin.

Life gets busy. The initial spark at the beginning of the relationship fades, and when it does, we have to remember to not lose sight of our partner. Everyone wants to feel wanted and to feel needed by their partner. Without this, the relationship can grow stagnant, and you may even end up feeling underappreciated. Below, I have listed some tips to help your man feel wanted.

1. Ask him for help.

It might sound too easy, but hear me out: if you are in a relationship, and you have a good man, he needs to feel needed. One of the simplest ways in the world to make your man feel wanted is to ask for his help.

2. Initiate physical intimacy.

Much like women, men want to feel wanted. They want to feel like they are needed. Honestly, this is a fundamental human need. Anyways, the best way to make your man feel wanted is to initiate the first move when it comes to the bedroom. Tousle his hair, look him in the eyes and tell him you need him.

3. Show him support.

Men aren’t just sexual creatures, though, they want to feel loved and supported too. One of the best ways to show your man that you care is to be his biggest cheerleader. When he’s feeling down or out of focus, encourage him to move forward. When he sets his sights on a goal, encourage him to keep pushing.

4. Be affectionate.

Men need love and affection, too. Show him you want him around by grabbing his hand and randomly holding it. Or, snuggling him to sleep. Sometimes, the simplest gestures of affection can mean the most.

5. Don’t tear him down when he fails.

When he falls short, don’t tear him apart. Remember, he’s human too, and he is going to make mistakes. He needs a little grace, too.

6. Go out of your way to do something kind for him.

A lot of times, society places romantic pressure on men. We oftentimes expect them to take us out to nice dinners or to get us roses, but what about them? Surprise your man with some flowers or take him out to his favorite place to eat.