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Stress is something we all face but for the INFJ it can be much harder to deal with than it should be. For those who do not know INFJ people are those who fall into the INFJ category on the Myers-Briggs personality scale.

INFJ is the rarest personality type and makes up only about 2 percent of the general population according to Truity. INFJ people are much more nurturing than most and tend to really go out of their way to be there for the people they care about. They are reserved and to themselves, all the while being very useful and able to read other people with ease.

INFJs are often referred to as submissive, easygoing, patient, sincere, and great teachers. That being said, they tend to deal with a lot of unhappiness as they move through life. They put too much in others and allow their own needs to fall through the cracks without noticing before things have gotten to a serious level.

Below I am going to go over some of the different things that stress INFJs the most and how as an INFJ you can work to overcome these things. If you’re an INFJ you will know these all too well. How many of these things are you currently facing?

6 Things That Stress The INFJ To The Core and How To Overcome:

1. Being forced to face conflict in general.

The INFJ doesn’t do well when it comes to conflict. These kinds of people prefer to sit down and talk things out but most do not. They cannot handle being yelled at or having someone in their face. When you’re forced into this kind of situation as an INFJ the best thing you can do is remove yourself and allow a moment to calm down.

2. Having to be out and about too much.

Because INFJ people are more introverted they do not fare well in the external world. They do not like to be out for too long or surrounded by people. The only remedy for this one is to know when you need to step out and give yourself a moment to collect.

3. Being stuck in a noisy or unorganized environment.

This one and number two go hand in hand. If you as an INFJ are stuck in a place that is overwhelming you, chances are you’re going to become stressed. This can be handled through breathing techniques but is hard to overcome at first. The more you work at it the better you will get, don’t give up.

4. Having to face unexpected interruptions/situations.

The INFJ does not like uncertainty. When something unexpected comes up it throws everything off. Being able to go with the flow isn’t easy but it is something you will get better at over time.

5. Keeping up with small details.

The INFJ is not good at multitasking and cannot keep up with small details well. When things become too overwhelming they tend to shut down. Because of this you should try and write out all you have to remember and not take on more than you can handle, it will help big time.

6. Being overworked and unable to keep up.

INFJ people tend to take on a lot of work and work very hard at that. If you are an INFJ you should without a doubt remember not to overload yourself. If you feel overwhelmed, it is okay to ask for help. We all need a little help sometimes.

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