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When approached correctly, falling into the role of parent can be a powerful, life-changing experience. Along the way, there will be many lessons to learn to get there.

From the time our kids are born, they teach us so many valuable lessons, not only about being a parent but about life and love in general. We grow with our children, and while they may be tiny humans- you would be surprised at how much wisdom they have to share if you are open to it.

With that said, there are 6 powerful lessons that every parent needs to learn.

1. You need to be the parent your child needs- not the one you wished you had.

A lot of times, people who grow up with overly strict parents tend to be overly lenient with their kids. They do this, because as they grew up, they longed so much for a permissive parent, and overlooked the fact that one extreme is not better than the other. (You can use this comparison and example in a myriad of ways, so feel free.) The thing is-your kids need boundaries. Find a happy medium and be the parent they need.

2. Love yourself as much as you love them.

Your child will teach you to love in a way you’ve never felt before. However, you must learn to love yourself as well. The thing is- your kids observe you and feed off of your energy. When you are at war with yourself, they can feel it- and when your cup is full, theirs will be too.

3. Your presence is the most important gift, not only to your kids but to yourself as well.

Money cannot buy your child happy and will not turn them into good humans. What will is time, patience, and your presence. Your presence is such a gift to your child, but also you. Do you want to look back and wonder why you have no memories to cherish with your child because you were too busy playing on your phone during their biggest moments?

4. Be the change you wish to see.

If you want to see a change in your child, you must change yourself. If you model bad behavior, they are going to end up mimicking you instead of following along with what you say.

5. It is much easier to build a strong child than it is to repair a broken adult.

Build your child up. Make them emotionally intelligent. Treat them with respect, compassion, and empathy. If you don’t – they are going to struggle and it’s much harder to help repair a broken adult than it is to build a strong and happy child.

6. What you teach your son, you also teach your son’s son.

The lessons you teach your child, they will pass on to their kids. Your actions now don’t just impact the present, they will ripple for generations. Empower your children.