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The father-daughter relationship is one of the most unique connections and bonds in this world. There is without a doubt an extremely important connection between the two and in many ways, the way a father loves his daughter is what ultimately shapes who she becomes.

Whether you are a father or a daughter, the connection between these two is undeniable. A little girl looks to her father as a source of safety, security, and unconditional love. While many articles and books focus on the bond that is shared between mother and father, psychologists have stressed how important the role of a strong male influence is on a girl throughout her life.

Regardless of which side you stand on, the following 6 things are what every girl needs from her father.

1. Show her how to be a survivor.

Little girls learn about strength from their fathers. She needs her father to remind her of her strength and to teach her not to fall into the role of a victim but instead how to be a survivor. Each time she falls, she needs her father to teach her how to keep getting back up again.

2. Treat her mother with respect.

The most important thing a father can do is to treat the mother of their daughter with respect. Even if they aren’t together, the father needs to treat his wife/girlfriend/ex-wife – whoever is the mother of his child with respect. Why? Because the way the father treats the mother will ultimately teach the daughter the type of love that she should expect when she grows up.

3. She needs to know she can trust her father.

A daughter needs to feel a sense of trust for her father. If she doesn’t, it will be hard for her to trust others moving forward. Things like showing up when you say you will, actively trying to be a part of her life, and never making promises you cannot keep are all so important.

4. Unconditional love and support.

No matter what happens, a daughter should feel unconditional love and support from her father. Even if she has messed up or made a mistake, she needs to know that she is still worthy of love and it’s so important for her father to make this known.

5. She needs her father to be involved.

A daughter needs to have her father in her life. Not just on every other weekend. Not just during the holidays, but all of the time. She needs to know that he is present in her life consistently, not just when it’s convenient for him.

6. Protection and safety.

Above all, a daughter needs to feel protected by her father. From the time she is born, and throughout her entire life, she will lean on her father for this sense of security.