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Being a parent is a tough job in and of itself, and being a single mother takes it to a whole other level. Being a single mom is no easy feat, but there are many strong, single mothers out there who are doing it right.

It can be hard taking on the majority of the parenting tasks. Some single moms have a present father in the mix somewhere, but even then, it’s likely she is carrying the brunt of the load. So, how exactly do these single moms thrive and remain not only strong but triumphant? Here are 6 things a strong, single mother does.

1. She faces challenges head-on.

When the baby wakes up at 1:00 am, screaming their head off, she does not buckle under the pressure. She gets up and faces it head-on. When there is a challenge presented, no matter how scary it is- she gets up and faces it.

2. She doesn’t shut the father out of the kids’ lives unless she has to.

Unless the father is a danger or a toxic presence to their kids, she encourages her kids to love their dad. She openly involves him in their life and never turns down a chance for them to spend quality time together.

3. She picks up the ‘man’ slack.

She does the dirty work around the house and does not mind doing the ‘father’ tasks when the father is not around. She shows up to ball games, she teaches her kids to ride a bike, and she even unclogs the sink.

4. She disciplines.

A strong single mom knows that discipline is not just a father’s job, but her job as well. She disciplines her kids consistently, and without force or harsh punishment.

5. She works her a$$ off.

Most single moms have to hustle. This means working a part-time job here and a part-time job there, or holding down a full-time job. Whatever your hustle is- stick with it.

6. She keeps her head held high.

No matter how hard things get, she always holds her head up high. She knows that no matter what struggles to arise, she can face them.