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When we think about our jobs as parents, several qualities come to mind. However, when you think about it, while ‘teaching’ qualities may not come to mind, they can most definitely be beneficial.

Think about it, when you send your kids to school, what would you like their teacher to be like? Chances are, you would like them to do much of the same things as you do for your child, but perhaps with a little discretion. This thought crossed my mind recently, and I have to admit, a good mom is like a good teacher and vice versa.

With that being said, here are 6 qualities teachers have that every mom should have as well.

1. Creativity.

Teachers have to work to keep their students consistently engaged, and much of their efforts to do so involve creativity. While one style of parenting or piece of advice given may not work, parents should remain creatively minded, to find solutions that work for their child.

2. Patience.

Teachers tend to have a classroom full of kids, so patience is key. While most parents likely don’t have upwards of 30 kids, it’s still just as easy to lose patience. In those moments, channel your inner teacher.

3. Clear communication.

Teachers are great listeners and great communicators. Because their job is more learning focused than discipline focused, they tend to listen with an open heart. Make sure that when your little ones come to you, you listen to them and communicate clearly with them.

4. Organization.

Organization does not come easy to everyone. For those that do not have organizational skills, it might be a good time to work on that. Staying organized will not only equal less stress overall- it can also help you to multitask with ease.

5. Consistency.

As parents, it is our job to keep our kids grounded. This can be made difficult for those who do not practice consistency. What I mean is, life is chaotic enough for your kids. You may not be able to have a perfect routine, but the more consistency that is present in your kid’s life, the easier things will be for you both.

6. Adaptability.

Teachers have to remain flexible. What works for one student may not work for another. And each year, things change. It’s important to approach parenting with an adaptable mindset because it will allow you to navigate through unexpected situations.