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It’s no surprise that both moms and dads bring their own unique strengths and weaknesses to the parenting game. It is for that very reason, that it takes two people to make a baby: both father and mother.

While I have found that I am good at emotional support, nurturing, and things of that nature, my husband brings his own skills to the table. We work as a team, and I am thankful for the father that he is to our babies. With that said, it got me thinking: what strengths does a father bring to parenting? When I got to thinking about it, there are a lot, but I condensed my list down for the purpose of this article. Enjoy.

1. Dads communicate differently.

When I listen to my husband talk to our kids, I have found that he has a way with them that I do not. Harvard research has found that dads aren’t as indulgent in their kids as mothers are, so they tend to instill more discipline in their kids.

2. Dads challenge their kids.

While most moms tend to stress in tough situations, dads are more cool, calm, and collected. Instead of giving in to our kids, my husband tends to challenge them more, which I believe is a good thing, especially when it came to teaching our daughter how to talk.

3. Dads build strength in their kids.

Fathers help their children to be strong, emotionally and otherwise. Instead of being more emotionally driven, they are more common-sense-minded and practical. In turn, they tend to instill more strength in their kids.

4. Dads help their daughters to be more secure.

Girls who do not have a present father tend to struggle more with their self-esteem. While, girls who do have a present father are far less likely to use drugs or end up having sex with people they later regret. A lot of this boils down to self-esteem and feeling a sense of security in the world when you have a present father.

5. Dads play differently.

I have always enjoyed watching my husband play with the kids. He is much like a kid himself, and he just has an air of excitement around him when dealing with the kids that I do not. Not because I am any less excited to play, but more so because my husband is just as rambunctious as they are.

6. Dads are more strategic.

I have found that when I am under a moment of pressure, my husband is good at strategizing. I tend to go to him when I cannot find a solution on my own because he sees situations in a more plan-driven way than I do.