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Even without meaning to, there are subtle ways that we can send the wrong message to the people we love. No matter how attractive you find your wife, you could be unintentionally telling her the opposite with your actions.

Of course, this article isn’t to make you feel like the worst husband alive. Instead, it is an offering of advice on thwarting bad habits that may leave your wife feeling unwanted.

1. Overly Praising Another Woman

By giving praise to another woman, instead of your wife, you will end up making her feel self-conscious. While a small comment is one thing, it is completely different to obsess about another woman’s beauty or traits. Remember to consider how your wife would feel before lavishing praise on another woman. Let’s be honest, how would you feel if your wife overly complimented another man?

2. Looking At Pornography

If your wife knows that you are looking at adult films on a regular basis, it won’t be long before she begins to question herself. A study conducted by Fight the New Drug found that after men had been exposed to porn they rated themselves as less in love with their partner. This sort of material also causes men to become more critical of their partner’s appearance. So, please, think before you watch. While it may seem innocent enough, it could bring detrimental damage onto your relationship.

3. Not Initiating Hugs and Kisses

While it is normal to begin getting comfortable in your relationship, and showing less physical affection to your significant other, it is a bad habit to continue. Not showing your wife affection other than in the bedroom can lead her to feel used and unattractive.

4. Obviously Gawking At Another Woman

Even if your wife doesn’t make a big point to tell you, she doesn’t like when you stare at other women. It is absolutely normal to look at other people, however, staring them down is something entirely different. Not only is this inconsiderate to your wife, it is also very damaging to her feelings of self-worth. Think about it, would you want your wife staring at other men in the same manner that you stare at other women?

5. Peeking At Your Phone While Your Sweetheart is Talking

When you are in a relationship, giving your partner your undivided attention is a must. When your wife is talking, even if you feel like you are listening to her, and take a quick peek at your phone or the t.v, you are telling her she isn’t important. Make a point to make complete eye contact with her, and not to let your attention stray away from her while she is talking to you.

6. Forget to Compliment Her Efforts

When your wife takes the extra time to dress up for you or wear new makeup, she is doing this because she values your attention. After she takes the time to cook a big meal, she expects a thank you or even a small compliment. When you notice she is making extra efforts to make you happy, take the time to tell her. Even if it’s something small that you notice, voice your opinion about it.

The smallest actions can make all the difference. While it may not seem to be a big deal to you, make sure that you put yourself in her position before you act. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, loved and wanted, especially by their spouse. Take the time to make an extra effort to make her feel wanted because a happy wife makes a happy marriage.