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The third eye according to Hinduism refers to Anja the third eye chakra. This is essentially the gate to all inner spaces of higher consciousness that we almost all wish to achieve.

It controls our ability to see all things that might be, and the potential of the world. While we can all gain access to our third eye some people try very hard and never truly do while others put in minimal effort and blow it wide open. Things are a bit silly in that sense.

When your third eye is open, you will know it. You can take a look at the list below to determine if your third eye has opened unexpectedly. This is not something that should be taken lightly, it is a great feat to have unlocked something so spectacular.

6 Signs Your Third Eye Has Opened Unexpectedly:

1. Reality no longer feels ‘real.’

You might be feeling a sense of detachment from the real world. While this will pass it can be a bit overwhelming at first. You will have this weird feeling that you are living in a dream.

2. Your dreams are more vivid now.

You will be more open to messages from the universe while sleeping. All of your dreams will seem as if real, and nothing will make sense anymore. During this time you may even begin experiencing true lucid dreaming.

3. You see things differently when awake.

When you are awake and going through everyday life things will feel different. Your life will feel like it has more of a meaning, and you will become more open to new things. It will be like looking through your eyes in a whole new way, your perspective on things will have changed.

4. You become more sensitive to light.

Light sensitivity almost always accompanies the opening of a third eye. This can be extreme or mild depending on the person. Do not be alarmed but of course, if things are too severe see a doctor. You may even experience strong headaches as the third eye opens.

5. You begin to suddenly think differently.

Like I said above, your perspective on life has changed. The way you think is completely different. You have a whole new mindset.

6. You can see through society.

You can see things for how they truly are now. Everything makes sense and the things that don’t make sense any longer cannot hold your attention. You are focusing on the important things in life.