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While not everyone believes in reincarnation, there are signs of it all around. Have you ever felt like you came across someone you had known all your life? There are so many small things that happen in our day-to-day lives that point towards this kind of thing, and we need to be willing to accept them.

While you may never truly know how many lives you’ve lived here on this planet before, you can look for the signs of reincarnation. Below I am going to go over some of them and if you think they fit well with you, perhaps this is something you want to learn more about. Each time we come to this planet we come with a purpose and from there we are able to grow more properly and further our soul into where it is meant to end up.

8 Signs That Your Soul Has Been Here Before:

1. You meet people that you feel you’ve known your whole life.

As we move through this world sometimes we come in contact with people we’ve met before. We might not know who they are now but our soul recognizes them because we knew them previously. You are feeling this way because your soul knows who these people are even if you technically don’t.

2. You have memories that do not fit the life you’re currently living.

Sometimes we are left with small bits of memories from past lives. If you keep experiencing something that you cannot explain or feel like there is something within that does not fit, this could explain it. You might not be able to understand it offhand but as time passes it will begin to make more sense.

3. You experience Deja Vu.

Deja Vu is something very common in those who have visited this world more times than most. You might feel like you’ve experienced something before because you have. In another life, you may have done something similar and are able to catch a glimpse of that even if just for a moment.

4. You are afraid of things without reason/that you cannot explain.

Sometimes the things we are afraid of for specific reasons in other lives manifest into our current lives. For instance, you may have a fear of dogs that you cannot explain in this life because you were bitten by one in another life. I know, that might sound silly but it makes a lot of sense.

5. You are able to find your soulmate.

When you find your soulmate you will feel as if you have met someone who was already by your side. This is because they were. In another life, this person was right there for you just as they are now and will be in other lives as well.

6. Your dreams are very vivid and feel far too real.

Sometimes we dream of things that happened in our past lives. If you’re having a dream that is very vivid and feels more real than anything else, it could be a glimpse into one of your previous lives. Fragments of the past live on within each of us.

7. You feel like you do not belong here or you find places that feel very familiar upon seeing them for the first time.

As we move forth we end up feeling like we do not belong here because at the core of it all we do belong elsewhere. You may also come across places on this planet you’ve lived before and that in itself could trigger something within you. I know, it sounds odd but if you ever experience this you will know exactly what I am talking about.

8. Your intuition is extremely powerful.

The more we move through this world and live different lives the more intuitive we become. If you are a highly intuitive person, you have likely manifested here on Earth many times over. Your soul is quite aged.