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One of the hardest things in the world is finding out that your partner no longer loves you or is falling out of love. Not only is it painful, but it can be a difficult thing to face because no matter how many signs are there, we will want to deny it is happening.

Unfortunately, the thing is, if your partner is falling out of love with you, you will need to find a way to face it. The longer you deny it, the further things will move apart. And there are some cases in which the connection can be mended. Deep down, upon inspecting the signs below, you will have to determine what situation your relationship is in. Regardless, though, it’s best to face what is happening head-on so that you can either mend the connection or let go entirely.

1. They pull away when you show affection.

Whenever you go in for a hug, they dodge you. When you try to kiss them, they run off or pull away. In the past, if affection was a major part of your relationship and now your partner is pulling away, this could be a sign that their heart is no longer in it.

2. They are acting strangely towards you.

When you are in a relationship, you get to know the person you are with. And over time, you establish a baseline of who they are. That is why when something is changing, you can determine what is going on through their body language. If they stand far away from you or close their arms around you know, when they once would stand very close to you and felt warm towards you, it’s a sign of an emotional disconnect.

3. They have stopped talking about the future of the relationship.

When you bring up the future, they no longer seem interested. They’ve stopped planning for future events with you and are no longer including you in their long-term plans. This is a major sign that they can see their future, but that you aren’t in it any longer in their mind.

4. They struggle to label the connection.

When you ask about the relationship, they act intentionally vague. They might not even call you their partner anymore. When you press to try to understand what is happening, they brush you off. If you don’t know where you stand with your partner, it’s unfortunately likely that you aren’t standing at all.

5. They pick massive fights.

When someone begins to fall out of love, it will become harder for them to act like they are a part of the couple. Their mind will subconsciously push them to make reality align with their emotions, and because of this, they will sabotage the relationship and pick fights.

6. The intimacy feels off.

Another sign to look out for is when the intimacy feels off. You will notice that your partner doesn’t look you in the eyes anymore during intimate acts. Or, maybe they will stop making love to you, and only be intimate for the sake of pleasure, not love. In some cases, they may stop having sex with you altogether.