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Love is blind, they say, and for a lot of people, this much is true, at least for a while. Love can be so blinding, in fact, that in many cases, we will tolerate disrespect from our partners that we would never tolerate from anyone else.

Other than trust, and love, of course, there is nothing more fundamental to a happy and healthy relationship than respect. Without it, a relationship will never thrive or find a stable place. Ultimately, no relationship can last the long term without respect. While you may tolerate it for a while, eventually, a disrespectful partner has to go. Of course, because love IS blind, it can be hard to see the disrespect right in front of you. You may even be second-guessing yourself.

However, there are some sure signs of disrespect. Here are 6 signs your partner does not respect you.

1. They always cut you off when you are talking.

When you are trying to talk to your partner, they always talk over you. You can barely get a sentence out before they interrupt you. While we all sometimes accidentally interrupt others, that is one thing- but if they are always talking over you, it’s a major sign of disrespect.

2. They never consider how you feel.

Your partner is always doing things without ever considering how you may feel. For example, they may make major life decisions without asking your opinion. Or, they might change your plans last minute without consulting with you.

3. They disrespect your family and friends.

If your partner respects you, they should respect the people you love. Even if they don’t necessarily like them, or get along with them, there is just a certain level of respect that should be understood. Of course, that goes both ways.

4. They lie to your face.

You are always catching your partner lying to your face. When you catch them in a lie, they act like it was no big deal. However, when your partner is constantly lying- it’s not only a sign of disrespect, but also a sign that they aren’t to be trusted.

5. They do not respect your privacy and autonomy.

Your partner has no respect for the fact that you are your person. They are always going through your things, following you, or demanding to know every aspect of your existence. It’s normal to want to be clued into what is going on in your partner’s life- but it’s downright obsessive to demand to have control over everything they do.

6. They flirt with other people.

As humans, it’s normal to feel attracted to people that are not your partner. However, it is something else entirely to have a partner who is constantly airing that out in obnoxious ways, or to have a partner who openly flirts with other people right in front of you.