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As parents, we all believe that our baby is the smartest, prettiest, most handsome, and funniest baby, and we aren’t wrong about that. However, there truly are some baby geniuses out in the world, and if you are beginning to think yours might be one of them, then keep reading.

It can be hard to determine exactly how your baby will turn out, especially when it comes to intelligence. Some babies show no signs of ‘baby genius’ yet still end up moving on to great things in life academically and intellectually. So, even if your baby doesn’t fit into the following criteria does not mean that they aren’t going to be special. With that said, the following signs are signs noticed by developmental and parenting experts and typically, these signs are tied to highly intelligent babies.

With that being said, here are 6 signs you have a highly intelligent (possibly genius) baby.

1. They make direct eye contact from the start.

While being alert is one thing, when you have a baby that makes direct eye contact early on, this is a sign of advanced development. Typically, after a baby is first born, it takes them some time to make sense of their world. However, when their sense is more developed than your average baby’s, they can make sense of things rather quickly. If they look you straight in the eyes as a newborn, it’s a sign they will have a high IQ.

2. They reach milestones earlier than expected.

This is a major sign of a highly-intelligent baby. As you likely know, all babies reach milestones at different speeds. Some reach them early, and others take more time. However, according to various studies, there is a link between early milestones and a high IQ.

3. They are more wiggly than other babies.

If your baby is a little wiggle worm, it’s a good sign. Much like babies who need more mental stimulation, wiggly babies are typically more intelligent than those that aren’t as wiggly.

4. They are extremely focused.

Babies do not have massive attention spans. It can oftentimes be difficult for them to focus. But, gifted children can focus for longer periods. If they are younger than 6 months, this is especially so.

5. They enjoy alone time.

Most kids loathe time alone, but when a child seems to enjoy being alone, it’s a good sign. Highly intelligent babies are much better at keeping themselves entertained because of their curiosity and development. If your baby can enjoy their alone time, they are likely a gifted baby.

6. They have a good sense of humor.

Is your baby a little jokester that loves to laugh and loves to make you laugh? Well, they are probably highly intelligent then. Did you know that intelligence and humor go hand in hand? So the next time your little one tries to make you laugh or lets out a little cackle- it’s a major sign of a baby genius!