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When we go through any kind of separation, it hurts. Moving on from someone who was so important to you is not an easy thing to do.

Moving on from any kind of breakup is not fun. It is always a process and when it comes the time to really take the steps you need to get yourself situated you should not hold back. We as humans fall in and out of love a lot more quickly than you’d think.

While you shouldn’t be rushing yourself to get back out there you also shouldn’t be holding yourself back. When it comes to moving on if the signs listed below are present you should give it a go. Moving on is a crucial part of really pushing forward in this world.

6 Signs You’re Ready To Move On:

1. You’re able to put your own best interests first.

Not many people put their own best interests first. This is something everyone should do even when it’s hard. If you are finally able to do this you are ready to get back out there.

2. That feeling of helplessness is gone.

When you first go through a breakup, chances are you’re going to feel quite helpless. That feeling will pass. While it might take a little while, the more self-exploration you go through the better.

3. You’re finally feeling like yourself again.

When you begin feeling like yourself again it is a sign that you’re finally doing better. Things will get worse before they get better but once they get better you will begin really seeing the world for what it is. You can get to where you need to be if you really allow yourself to heal beforehand.

4. You’re open to taking risks and have found answers within.

Moving on includes taking a lot of risks. Once you’ve managed to find the answers within that you needed taking risks becomes a lot easier. This also goes back to self-exploration and can take some time.

5. You’ve found the boundaries you were lacking before.

When it comes to relationships we tend to lack the boundaries we need. If you’re moving forward you are most likely working on building up the boundaries that you needed before. This will benefit you greatly as time goes on.

6. You are not living in the past anymore.

We tend to obsess over the past after a breakup. This is not good and will only cause more pain that it is worth. When it comes to moving forward overcoming this is very important.