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Chances are you have already heard a lot about the lunar eclipse to come. This lunar eclipse is set to happen on January 31st and is going to bring with it a lot of energy that we can only hope to be prepared for.

This will be the first total lunar eclipse of the year and it will also be a blue moon and a supermoon. These different things are going to be a bit conflicting within one another but overall the energies surrounding the event itself will be overwhelmingly positive. All zodiac signs will be affected by this eclipse. However, this lunar eclipse will be affecting some zodiac signs more than others. Below you will find a list of the signs affected the most if you aren’t on this list don’t worry there will be plenty of other astrological events to come.

6 Signs That Will Benefit The Most From The Lunar Eclipse:


You are going to be experiencing some interesting changes during this time. While these changes will be good they will be frustrating and conflicting, to say the least. Please do not resist, things will go over a lot more smoothly if you just let them happen.


Something amazing is heading your way. Be it a connection on the romantic level or a friendship that cannot be torn apart. You have been needing this for some time now whether you noticed or not.


You are always in the spotlight but somehow your needs fall through the cracks here and there. When this happens it can be very damning in general, all of that is coming to an end. You will realize soon that self-care is more important than attention. This will create within some very positive changes.


You are going to be finding a place to settle down in for awhile and it is going to feel marvelous. For once your wanderlust will die down. When the time comes to move on you will have to question whether or not leaving is worth it this time.


You are going to be dealing with a lot of inner turmoil during this time. These energies will have you pulled all different kinds of ways. Be calm and relax good things will come once the storm dies down.


You are going to be finding something that you needed during this time. The energies of this lunar eclipse are manifesting something quite intense for you. Do not run from it when it is presented to you.

For more information on the lunar eclipse check out the video below. It is going to be one interesting event. I for one cannot wait!