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We know how to tell when we ourselves are feeling insecure but can you spot that in other people? Well, because we all show this kind of thing in our own ways, it’s not always easy to figure out. 

Whether you’re insecure about your looks, achievements, or something else entirely the whole thing in itself affects how you act and really how you move through the world. We all want to be perfect and to have the things we dream of but when we fall short on that it takes a toll on us. No one wants to feel inferior and whether you’re struggling on your own or not if you think everything is going wrong chances are you’ll be feeling inferior big time. 

As friends and family members, we should look for insecurity in those we care the most for so that we can help them overcome the things they feel insecure about. Below I am going to go over some clear signs that help us to spot this kind of thing in others. While it isn’t always a perfect means of finding insecurities, it does help and these things can make a difference when you’re aware of them. 

6 Signs Someone In Your Life Is Very Insecure:

1. This person is always going out of his/her way to show off.

When someone is insecure they may overcompensate. They will go over the things they do have way too much and really do their best to put on a good show. They might not be at the top yet but there are people who have less than them and they know this if nothing else.

2. This person has extremely high standards.

People who are insecure tend to have very high standards. They expect far too much from themselves and others which sets them up to be disappointed. They don’t realize that we’re just human and that none of us are perfect.

3. This person brags a lot but also doesn’t ever seem to be satisfied.

People who brag a lot try to make the things they have going for them sound like more than what they are. They might be insecure about their bodies but always tout their accomplishments. That being said, while they do brag they also never stop progressing. They aren’t going to be satisfied until they’re at the top.

4. This person always assumes negative things regardless of the situation.

While not all situations play out negatively this person is quick to assume the worst. They think bad things are always going to be the outcome and nothing will change that. It’s like their outlook on life as a whole isn’t what it should be.

5. This person degrades themselves or others.

They stay tearing themselves down or other people down. This is because they don’t think they’re good enough in life. They see themselves as always falling short.

6. This person takes everything far too personal.

Instead of shrugging things off if someone makes a harmless joke about their appearance they will fly off the handle. While that person might not have meant anything by it because they don’t realize how beautiful they are they take it to heart. They read way too deeply into things and it affects them a lot.