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While it might not be something easy to spot, there are people struggling with their emotional stability everywhere. You never know what the people around you are going through or how hard they’re fighting to remain sound.

While emotion instability is a sign of a greater issue more times than not it is still something that people need to pay attention to. Becoming more aware of the signs can benefit both you and the person suffering. Emotionally unstable people tend to react to things in ways that are violent or destructive which is something we want to avoid within reason and help them work through.

Below I am going to go over the signs that you could be face to face with someone who is unable to really address the things they’re feeling on a core level. These people are people we need to be cautious of but also feel for. Sometimes people do things for reasons we cannot see and that is a very important fact to keep in mind when moving forth around these individuals.

6 Signs A Person Might Be Struggling With Their Emotional Stability:

1. They act on impulse a lot.

They’re some of the most impulsive people in the world. They do and say basically whatever they feel like. Their emotions drive them even if they cannot handle them, to begin with. They engage without putting their mind behind things.

2. They always overreact to everything.

Even the smallest things could send them over the edge. They’re always freaking out or making things into something worse than they are. You always have to screen things before making them aware of them.

3. They struggle to really control their anger.

They are not able to control their anger. They lash out and act quite violently. It’s like they just snap and fly off the handle for no reason at all.

4. They say a lot of things that they don’t mean.

These people often speak without thinking. They say any and everything to get to the people around them when they’re lashing out. They tend to say things that no one else would and say things they without a doubt don’t mean.

5. They tend to be very on and off in their relationships.

When they are dating someone they are always on and off with them. They change their mind and get upset so quickly that you can’t keep up with whether they’re in love or not. It’s like they’re willing to throw everything away only to ask for it back the next morning.

6. Their moods are rapidly changing.

Even when you are having a good time they can go from high to low. Their moods change like the weather, you never know what to really expect. The more time you spend with them the more unsure you become of how they will react to things.

If these kinds of people are present in your life that doesn’t mean that you have to cut them out, you can still limit your exposure and help them work through what they’re facing. That being said, some people don’t want your help and you cannot save everyone. Keep your own well-being in mind as well, you cannot help anyone if you’re hurting yourself.