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Toxic relationships are far too present in the world today. Instead of removing themselves from bad situations, people end up stuck and way in over their heads.

Relationships, in general, are a lot of work, but they shouldn’t be ruining your life or making you feel worthless. We all hit rough patches but the way we face those patches together says a lot about our connection with one another. Identifying whether you’re in a toxic relationship or not is a lot easier than you probably realize.

Dr. Lillian Glass, a psychology expert who wrote a book titled Toxic People back in 1995 defined the toxic relationship as any relationship between people who are unable to support one another all the while facing conflict and one seeking to undermine the other. It is a relationship that is lacking respect and full of competition. Toxic relationships are unpleasant and instead of ups and downs, you just get nothing but downs.

Glass, when speaking with Time magazine described the things that make up a toxic relationship and those things hold the signs we should all be on the lookout for. Below I am going to break down and go over each of those signs. When you find these things in your relationship, you should cut ties and move on.

6 Signs That You Are In A Toxic Relationship:

1. Your friends and family show concern

Your friends and family will pick up on things long before you do. They are not blinded by love in the ways that you most likely are. When they look at things they are doing so from an outside perspective. Sure, sometimes they do this for the wrong reasons, but if your friends and family are actually concerned for you, you should hear them out.

2. You are persistently unhappy

If you’re not happy in your relationship, you need to make some serious changes. Being happy is important. Life is too short to spend it with someone that doesn’t make you feel amazing. Bringing out the worst in one another is a huge sign that you should move on.

3. You feel nervous/uncomfortable around your partner

You should never be in a relationship with someone you cannot be comfortable around. The person you love the most should make you feel safe and taken care of. When you’re walking on eggshells every time you’re near the person you love the most there should be huge red flags shooting up everywhere.

4. You don’t feel like yourself anymore

When you’re not able to be yourself, it is clear that your relationship is toxic. When we are with someone who cares about us, he or she will want us to be our truest selves. Your partner should not be working to change you or turn you into someone you will never be.

5. You have low self-esteem

If your self-esteem is lacking because of your partner you need out of the relationship. Your partner should be building you up not beating you down. Toxic people are quick to ruin the self-esteem of others and no good can come from that.

6. You cannot communicate properly with your partner

When it comes to being with toxic people on that level communication will be lacking. You won’t know how to approach them or when to sit them down and try to talk things out. You should in your relationship feel comfortable enough to talk to him or her about any and everything.

If you’re facing the things listed above then chances are you’re stuck in a toxic relationship and regardless of where the toxicity is coming from, you need out. Fixing toxic relationships can be far more pain than it is worth, cutting your losses and ending things is often the best option.