Relationships can be quite frustrating for a number of reasons and many times we end up thinking our partners are happy even when they are not. If yours has been a bit out of it lately, perhaps there are areas that could use some work.

Now, depending on what could be causing the issues behind this you might be able to work through things. When our significant others withdraw or begin to close themselves off from us the only way to make things better is to sit down and talk them out. If one person in the relationship is content and the other is not, serious problems are holding them back from being on the same level.

If you want to figure out if your partner is happy or not and perhaps don’t know what signs to look for the list below will definitely help. These things will stand out big time if you keep them in mind. How many of these are present in your relationship? Your partner’s happiness is just as important as your own, don’t forget that.

6 Signs Your Partner Is Just Not Happy:

1. The two of you are just not able to be intimate anymore.

When you and your partner are unable to be intimate or affectionate with one another there is something driving the problem. You may feel as if he or she isn’t physically interested in you, but it could just be that there are issues going on the two of you need to work through. If someone is upset or unhappy in general they might struggle with intimacy in general.

2. They don’t include you in much anymore.

When someone you love stops including you in things you will feel quite abandoned. They might not realize they are even doing this, but it is something you need to sit down and talk out. They either don’t realize the extent that you’re being excluded to or are excluding you on purpose.

3. You just can’t talk to each other nowadays.

If you are both struggling to speak to one another you need to speak more than ever. Things become more awkward when you refuse to address the elephant in the room. While it will be a bit uncomfortable you need to force yourselves together and actually talk as noted above.

4. They don’t make any kinds of effort now.

They are not trying to put forth the efforts they need to in order to make the relationship work. They don’t take your well-being into consideration and are always making you upset. You are doing everything, and they are just kind of ‘there.’

5. They have begun distancing themselves from you.

You will notice quickly when your partner begins distancing his or herself from you. They will stop talking as much and refuse to open up. When this happens if you ask them how their day was they will say ‘fine.’ All of your attempts to get back on the right path will be shut down.

6. You’re always arguing.

You and your partner are constantly arguing. He or she is always picking a fight with you. It’s like they are always looking for something to pick apart.

While it might be a struggle to really get through to them the more you try the more you will be able to figure out. You could either work the issues between the two of you out or come to a conclusion and move on. Some options before you might not be ideal but at the end of the day anything is better than sticking around knowing your partner is not happy.

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