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The universe sends us messages all the time. While we might not always notice them, they are very real and all around us.

Whether we are doing good or bad, the universe will notice and make it known. Sometimes the universe sends us messages to remind us that we are on the right track, and other times it might be trying to warn us that there is something bad coming our way.

universe Below, I am going to go over some of the different signs that you might notice if you look hard enough. While each one could mean something different, if you’re noticing them in your life, you will know what they mean. Sure, this whole idea is a confusing concept, but it is something that will help you grow stronger and bring you to a deeper connection with the universe itself.


While you might not realize, your intuition is aligned with the universe on a deep level. It is sub-conscious based, which makes it all the more connected. The universe will use your intuition to let you know that something bad might be coming your way or that you need to do something. While it might not feel great, it is beneficial for you in many ways.

Reoccurring Experiences

If you are brought to something more than once, there is a reason for it. The universe will not just put you through a shitty situation twice in a row for no reason. You need to figure out the lesson you’re being led to and learn it for your own sake.


When we are asleep, the veil that separates our world from the rest is thin. This allows the universe to send us messages in our dreams. These messages can be anything and are sometimes hard to interpret.

Patterns of Numbers

If you notice repeating numbers often in your life, you should without a doubt take a look at what those numbers could mean. The universe sends us numbers a lot, it does this as a means of letting us know we are where we should be or that we should be focusing on a different area in our lives. Take a peek into the world of numerology or angel numbers, you won’t regret it.

Animal Encounters

If you keep noticing a specific animal or a specific kind of animal, looking into what it could mean will benefit you greatly. Perhaps that animal comes with a message of its own. The universe works in mysterious ways sometimes.

Being Setback or Shoved Forward

Sometimes we have to be setback to prevent something bad from happening, or we have to be shoved forward to help us overcome something. Life doesn’t always make sense, but the universe is only going to allow opportunities before you when you need them the most. If you’re feeling compelled to take a trip, there could be more behind the reasoning than you think.

Now, while there are tons of ways the universe can and will send messages, these are some of the most common. Just do your best to pay attention to the small things. If you feel like you need to stop and smell the roses, do it. The universe will make sure you get the messages one way or another.

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