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Falling in love is a very intense feeling, but it also doesn’t have to be. Sometimes love is a lot more gradual than we realize.

Whether we really adore someone or we simply love the idea of them falling in love can be contributed to a number of things. The driving forces behind it can all be quite different for each and every one of us. Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why we fall in love that are backed by science.

While they all seem a bit silly each one is very important. Love is a bit confusing sometimes but if it is there you will know. Why do you love the person you love?

6 Reasons Why People Fall In Love:

1. We tend to be attracted to people who have similar values to ours.

Studies have found that people are more likely to be friends or spouses if they have similar personalities. If they hold similar beliefs or values they are going to be more interested in one another within reason. While a lot of people assume opposites attract, that is not always the case.

2. We take their smell into consideration.

According to a specific study we all have our own scent and the person who really likes that smell is most likely to fall in love with us. Just like other animals we have our own pheromones. Sure, the concept might seem controversial, but you can click here to read more on it.

3. We tend to fall in love with those who have desirable characteristics.

While desirable characteristics could vary from person to person they make up a big part of defining things. If you are not physically attracted to the person you’re with, chances are you won’t be ‘in love’ with him or her. A general attraction is necessary even if most refuse to admit it. That being said, some of the most desirable characteristics could end up having nothing to do with his or her appearance at all.

4. We sometimes fall for those who can fulfill our needs.

Of course, this one might seem a bit shallow at first but if you really read into it, it makes a lot of sense. If someone can fulfill your needs, and you can fulfill theirs you are much more likely to fall in love. Whether you need love, companionship, or anything else when someone is providing it for you it could cause you to catch feelings.

5. If you are ready to fall in love chances are you’d do so with someone unexpected.

When we want to be in a relationship to a serious extent we lower our expectations and find love in some of the most peculiar places. The more ready you are the more likely you are to find what you wish for. While it might seem like you’re settling to the people around you, as long as you and your partner are happy and truly feel for one another then don’t let them bother you.

6. We seem to quite frequently fall for people who look like our opposite-$ex parents.

Sure, this one might sound weird but some people are very attracted to those with the same hair and eye color as their opposite-$ex parents. This is like imprinting in a way and has shown to be quite consistent. Parental characteristics seem to correlate positively with actual partner characteristics for both men and women.

All of this aside, does it really matter why we fall in love? As long as we are comfortable in our relationship and our partner is just as happy as we are there is nothing to be upset about. Do you think any of these reasons have contributed to your love life in any way?