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Narcissists are individuals who have a personality disorder that is characterized by extreme self-obsession, a lack of empathy, and disordered and dysfunctional interpersonal relationships. In most cases, narcissists can be extremely damaging to the people around them, so much so that it is thought that the vast majority of them are incapable of love.

While not all narcissists are incapable of love, the more malignant ones are. And there are several sad truths behind why it is that they are unable to love. If you’ve ever been with one, then you likely have already experienced the struggle of trying to push a narcissist to feel empathy and even compassion for you. For most, it’s a fruitless struggle that will end in heartbreak.

Here are 6 sad truths behind why narcissists are incapable of love.

1. They are hard-wired to take advantage of others.

Narcissists are exploitative by nature, and exploiting others is another characteristic feature of the disorder. Most narcissists will trample over anyone and everyone if it means they can get what they want. And because of this, they often trample all over their partners until the relationship inevitably ends.

2. Their ego comes first and foremost before anyone else.

The narcissist’s pride and ego will always come first. This doesn’t work when it comes to love, because to truly love someone else, you have to be able to stow your ego away and compromise. Unfortunately, most narcissists are incapable of this.

3. They lack empathy.

Narcissists lack empathy unless it serves them. To put it bluntly, they only care as far as their interests go. So, they will love you until it no longer suits them and then, they can easily walk away.

4. Their standards are impossible to reach.

Narcissists hold everyone around them to unreachable standards. Nothing you ever do will ever be enough and because of that, they never really allow themselves to love anyone. Instead, they always search for the next best thing.

5. They are abusive by nature.

Narcissists are extremely abusive in a myriad of ways. While some may just be emotionally abusive, others can get physical. They commonly tear down the people that love them.

6. They lack self-awareness.

Narcissists are unable to see themselves. Because of that, they feel like they are always the victim, even when they are the ones victimizing someone else.