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We all like our material possessions whether those things are expensive or cheap. That being said, sometimes we forget that those material things are not going to last forever.

Money cannot and will not buy happiness but it can make your time here more comfortable. Instead of upgrading your phone every year if you went on vacation and made memories with the people you truly love once you’re old, you will have more to look back on. Spending money on experiences is more important than you might think.

When you are on your deathbed all of those phones, other electronics, and nice things won’t be there to hold your hand. Having positive memories that can be looked back on will make a huge difference. Experiences last a lifetime and material things only last a few years for the most part.

Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why spending money on doing things and having fun is a much better option than keeping up with the Jones’. Life is far shorter than we tend to realize. If you don’t get out there in the world now, it might become too late much sooner than you think.

6 Reasons Why Spending Money On Experiences Promote Happiness:

1. Experiences help us find our passions.

Through experiencing things and having fun you can really uncover the things you are truly passionate about. If you sit in one spot and just work and sleep you won’t learn much about yourself. The more out there in the world you get the better.

2. Experiences bring us together with those we care about.

When we share experiences with people that matter to us it helps us grow together. Going on a vacation with someone you love is going to really promote a serious connection. Sure, you might already know this person is important to you but spending time making memories to think back on really matters.

3. Experiences are meaningful.

Experiences are much more meaningful than ‘things.’ We cherish these moments whether they are weeks on end or just a weekend getaway. Removing ourselves from the status quo even just for a short period works wonders in our lives.

4. Experiences are priceless.

You can’t put a price tag on a good experience. While some trips will be more expensive than others they will all bring you a lot of joy. These are things that stick with you throughout the rest of your life, they don’t lose their value.

5. Experiences teach us lots of things.

Through experiences, we learn so much. We can learn about ourselves, others, and even nature. While it all depends on what you’re doing and where you are there are still important lessons before you. Even the most unexpected things can teach us far more than we would have imagined.

6. The happiness experiences bring does not fade.

Experiences bring more happiness than can be measured. Years from now looking back you will remember how much fun you had doing these things and they will bring a smile to your face.When you buy something new you will eventually get bored of it but that doesn’t happen with experiences.

Image via Shots of Thoughts