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While many people are consumed with finding love and keeping it, some simply don’t care for it. Everyone has different priorities and different goals in life, and while it may sound odd to some, honestly, there are some pretty solid reasons behind why some people opt for single life.

More people are single now than ever before, according to various sources, including the Washington Post, that says a whopping 45% of the adult population of the world is now single. There are several reasons for this, and I will go into them more in-depth below.

Regardless of what you choose for your life- go with what makes you happy and makes your journey work with your priorities. Here are 6 reasons why some adults are choosing to stay single.

1. They want the freedom to do as they please.

Many people stay single because it’s easier for them to control their own lives and do what they want. Even in the healthiest relationship, you have to take into consideration what is best for you and someone else, and some people prefer to not make that compromise.

2. They have had toxic relationships in the past.

Having a toxic relationship in the past can be scarring. So much, that many people who have had a horrifically toxic relationship opt to never date again. Of course, many later on find someone that makes them change their mind, but who can blame anyone for wanting to steer clear of toxicity after dealing with it?

3. They can focus on other relationships.

Intimate relationships are not all that life is made up of. There are other relationships and bonds to consider, like parent-child, the relationship we have with our parents, siblings, friends, etc. While having a spouse may be the goal for some, for others, they choose to focus on the other people in their life that matter and to feed those bonds.

4. They don’t like monogamy.

Some people just simply don’t want to have one partner. Instead, they enjoy casual connections that provide them with a friend and physical partner, without the emotional constraints of a relationship. And while a monogamous relationship would require you to commit to one person, not everyone is ready or wants that for their own life.

5. They want to focus on their career.

Aside from love, there are other passions to pursue in life. Some people choose their career, others have hobbies, and for some, travel is their life. Life isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and there are many ways to seek fulfillment in this life.

6. They don’t feel pressured to find someone to feel complete- because they already do.

We have all been sold this fairy tale mentality that tells us we have to have a partner to feel whole, and that simply isn’t true. Fulfillment doesn’t come from someone else, and putting that expectation on another person is not only unfair but unrealistic. Rather than seeking to feel complete by another person, some choose to find it from within and enjoy their lives single.