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Narcissists are those who have a personality disorder characterized by extreme selfishness, a lack of regard for others, a lack of empathy, and manipulation. There are many misconceptions surrounding narcissists, and one of those is that they always go after women who are weak and insecure.

While many may think this, narcissists prefer women who are strong and confident, but there is a reason for this. Remember, narcissists, are very massive egos. From the outside looking in, most would see the narcissist as someone who only views themselves in a grandiose light, however, beneath the exterior the narcissist is weak and insecure, so it makes sense they would go for someone confident and strong.

1. It poses more of a challenge.

Narcissists love a good challenge, and a confident and strong woman is just that. To the narcissist, winning over the heart of someone strong and confident is a big thrill.

2. It makes them feel worthy.

While their exterior may be tough, deep down the narcissist is very fragile. By obtaining a confident and strong woman, they feel like they have achieved something. Unfortunately, a part of them may even feel entitled to have what the strong and confident woman has. If they can win her over, they feel like they are proving that they are worthy to others as well.

3. They are attracted to kindness and empathy.

A woman who is strong and confident has a lot of empathy and is quite kind. Narcissists feed off of these types of behavior because typically, people who encompass great kindness and empathy tend to provide a solid supply, which the narcissist thrives off of.

4. They want to be more like the confident & strong woman.

A major part of the narcissist wants to be more like a confident and strong woman. One aspect of this relationship is that the narcissist feels like he can have her on his shoulder, others may view him much like they view her.

5. Someone who is confident and strong makes them feel safe.

Remember, narcissists, are fragile to their core. Many narcissists come from backgrounds of abuse. So, they tend to gravitate toward people who feel safe.

6. Narcissists thrive on validation.

Narcissists need a constant supply of validation. When they meet a strong and confident woman, they know there is more than meets the eye. He wants more of what she has, and he knows if he can win her over, maybe she will pour some of herself into him.