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Good men are not as hard to find in this day and age as we might make them out to be, but they are lacking in many of our lives. If you’re questioning whether someone is worth your time, chances are your mind is already made up.

We all meet tons of people in our lives and when it comes to dating, finding someone worth settling down with isn’t exactly easy. If you’re wondering whether the man in your life or man you’re considering is a ‘keeper’ perhaps you should look to see whether they have the traits and qualities present that they should. Below I am going to go over some things that most good men have in common, if yours lives up to these things, he’s not someone you should take for granted.

6 Things You’ll Only Find In Good Men:

1. Commitment

Good men are willing to commit to the people in their lives fully. They commit to you in ways other people would never, and you do not have to question their commitment. They aren’t going to betray you, and you can trust that.

2. Patience

Good men will be patient with you and patient with the people they care about. They don’t freak out or overreact about things. They sit down and discuss issues, as we all should.

3. Honesty

Good men are open and honest with their partners. They do not lie about things that they’re doing or go out of their way to withhold information. Good men know that the people they love deserve the truth above all else.

4. Passion

Good men are full of passion. They are passionate about the things they do and the people in their lives. They do their best to keep the sparks between the two of you going, and that is more than most are willing to do.

5. Integrity

Good men come with a sense of integrity. They have their own morals and values in this life that they will not budge on. While you have to make sure this kind of thing matches up with you and your values in life, it is a very important part of a relationship.

6. Respect

Good men are respectful to the people around them. They respect you and give you the space you need when you need it. Everyone is cared for properly and no one is left out in the dark.

If your significant other or someone you’re considering matches up with all of these things, you should stop wasting time and really make sure they know how much you appreciate having them around. Good men are often quite overlooked in this world and that needs to stop. You would be surprised how amazing the support of your lover can be when you have the right lover by your side.