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Life can be hard and a lot of the time we get too caught up in the ‘norm’ that we forget to be ourselves. Sure, you should be doing your best to get by comfortably and all of that but you should also be chasing your dreams as best you can.

If you’re someone who always follows through on promises you make others but not the ones you make yourself, that needs to change. The promises you make to yourself matter just as much as the promises you make to others. It’s important for you to live a life that in the end is worth living. Don’t cut corners and give up your own happiness just because life is a bit hectic at the moment.

Below I am going to go over some of the promises we should all make ourselves and keep above all else. Don’t let the world get you down and out, make these promises, and keep them so that in the end you will be more capable of truly creating the things you want in life. While they might sound simple enough, they can be hard and they will make a huge difference in how you feel.

6 Promises You Should Make Yourself And Follow Through With:

1. Promise yourself that no matter how hard life gets you will follow your dreams.

Your dreams matter and no matter how long it takes you to achieve them they are important. Don’t give up on them because you’re not sure how to believe in yourself. The more you chase your passions now the more they will pay off in the end.

2. Promise yourself that you will make the changes you need to make.

Don’t be afraid of change. We all have to go through changes and make some pretty hard ones along the way. This is how we grow.

3. Promise yourself that you will not overdo yourself for the sake of others.

While you should be willing to care for and help others you should not do it at your own expense. If you’re allowing your needs to fall through the cracks you’re only setting yourself up to fail. You matter just as much as anyone else.

4. Promise yourself that you will treat yourself the way you treat others.

Don’t be kind to others and mean to yourself. Treat yourself with the kindness and care you treat others with. Show yourself the love you deserve.

5. Promise yourself that you will cut out toxic people.

Toxic people do not need to be in our lives and we should stop holding space for them. Cutting them out is hard but it is necessary. If you want to be happy you need to keep this in mind.

6. Promise yourself that even when you’ve fallen, you will pick yourself back up.

While you may fall time after time if you always pick yourself back up there is always hope. You can do better and be better but who you are is already enough. Just be true to yourself and try your best.