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On September 27th Mercury went from direct to retrograde, joining Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. And with six retrograding planets, we are all going to feel an immense shift taking place within our mind, body, and spirit.

All six planets will remain in retrograde until October 6th, when Pluto returns direct. Saturn will follow on October 11th and this will ease up the massive energetic wave that is currently over us all.

And while there is much negative stigma surrounding the retrogrades, there is much to be learned from them. In life, we often face ourselves in times in which we aren’t happy with our current path. To bring about change and to move in a direction that aligns more with our purpose, we have to intimately examine the various aspects of our life.

Right now, we are being granted 6 chances to examine different facets and aspects of our journey. Jupiter’s retrograde is asking us to explore what makes us happy, and ask ourselves where we need to grow. Uranus is asking us about authority and pushing us to explore the areas of life we give our power. Saturn is showing us where our priorities lie, and Neptune is pushing us to focus on our spiritual path. Last but not least, Pluto is asking us the question that we should really all be asking- what lies beneath the surface?

All of these energies are moving retrograde- which is pushing the focus inward rather than outward. This begs the question: with so much change taking place in the material realm, what work needs to be done within to bring balance and harmony amidst such change?

Sometimes it’s necessary to slow down and place our focus on what we have accomplished and what has taken place, so we know which direction to move forward. And right now, the universe is giving us all an opportunity to do so. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.