In the world of all that is witchy, there are lots of interesting things that can be done to work in your favor. Magical knowledge is much simpler than most would expect.

Below I am going to go over some of the easier to remember things from the witchy world and break down the real truths inside of them. These things will help you take your first steps into the world of magic itself. From here you can and should work to better understand the energies around you and how to use the things Mother Nature provides us with to manifest and live comfortably in this world. 

While you’ve likely heard of some of these they’re not just old stories or superstitions, they when it comes to magic work better than you’d expect. Being a witch is not as complicated as most make it out to be, with a little knowledge, you can grow tremendously.

6 Pieces Of Magical Information You Should Be Aware Of:

1. Black cats bring a change of luck.

While a lot of people think black cats bring nothing but bad luck especially when they cross our paths, that’s not true. They bring forth a change in luck which could be good or bad depending on how things are going. This is a warning that change is coming not something you should fear.

2. Dandelion wishes are carried to heaven.

Dandelions overall are very powerful tools. They are used in many spells and other things of the sort. Lots of people use them in wish spells and honestly, if you really wanted to get a message to ‘heaven’ these powerful flowers would likely be a part of that manifestation magic. 

3. Cats ward off evil spirits.

While initially it was thought that the bodies of cats were able to do this but in time we learned cats themselves alive and well do a much better job. Felines are able to see things we as humans cannot. The more you have them around the more they will work to cleanse the areas you call your home.

4. Throwing coins in a fountain grants a wish or brings luck.

This too goes back to manifesting. If you believe in it deeply enough, it will happen. However, this goes back to the spirits living within the waters as a whole. These spirits when brought an offering may work in our favor. 

5. Salt can be used to ward off or protect from evil.

Yes, it can. Salt works wonders and is in a lot of different rituals. Salt is a very powerful tool that many use for banishing and if you  want to keep something toxic or evil out salt can help. I know you’ve seen salt circles before in movies, that in itself on some level is basically how it works.

6. Knocking on wood helps prevent bad situations.

This in a sense is a means of manifestation. It is a way to help your energies fightback from the things going on in the world. Knocking on wood helps invite the tree spirit to come lend you a hand and if done right could actually make a difference. The things we put into this world are made real if we believe in them deeply enough. Trees for most witches are something that helps bring them luck.

To learn more about magic/witchcraft as a whole check out the video below. The world of witchy things is a very interesting one. Perhaps you’re headed down a new direction without even realizing it. While these might not have been that in-depth, if they piqued your interest the world of witchiness might be something you should try to dive into.

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