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The New Moon is a powerful time of new beginnings. During this time you have to set intentions and then allow them to manifest.

The New Moon energy starts 3 days before the actual event, the 4th day is the most potent energetic moment. It is time to allow new life, new magic, new ideas, new into your existence. Each month the lunar cycles of both the full and new moon give us equal opportunity to manifest what we want in life. You have to plant your intentions and allow them to grow into reality.

The following New Moon prayers will help you to do that. Use this time and the powerful new moon energy to get the things you want in life!

New Moon Prayer #1

I Welcome Transformation.

I Welcome Growth.

I Welcome Love.

I Welcome Happiness.

I Welcome Joy.

I Welcome Abundance.

I Know What I Need.

I Am Ready.


New Moon Prayer #2

Under this New Moon, I am grateful for a new beginning.

I ask Luna and the Divine to help aid the spirit of my light.

Please help to guide my spirit to be my best ability.

I am certain that I hold in my heart that I will get there.

I am one with the moon & divine and so it is…


New Moon Prayer #3

I AM now choosing to cleanse

Myself and release any

And all thought forms,

Beings, situations, and energies that

Are no longer of service

To my highest and greatest good…

Across all planes of

My existence, across all

Universes, and across all lifetimes.

I ask that all energies that are less than love

Be transmuted for the highest good of all.

And so it is.


New Moon Prayer #4

I RELEASE… That which is not mine

I RELEASE… All obstacles to my path.

I RELEASE… Limiting beliefs

I RELEASE… Fears and doubts.

I RELEASE… Those relationships that no longer serve my higher good.

I RELEASE… Attachment to outcome

I RELEASE… Externalized desire.

I RELEASE… Pain and suffering as a means to growth.

I RELEASE… All that which is no longer in alignment with my highest self for the greatest good.


New Moon Prayer #5

Bright one, shining one, blessed one,

Your light is the softness of heaven,

The quiet rays that guide us through dark.

We sing praises to you, our pathfinder.

Jewel of the sky, you who brightens the night:

You are our voice among the heavenly starts.

May we be as you are each night:

Luminescent in shadow,

Changing yet constant,

Calm yet affecting,

Silent and watchful.

May we be all these things

As you have always taught us.

Moon, bright moon: be full in our hearts

As you fill the sky with your beauty.

New Moon Prayer #6

Mother moon, I call

To you.

Tonight, your energy

Is new.

As your cycle begins,

So begins my journey.

May your silvery light

Guide my path along

The way.


New Moon Practice

Write down all of your wishes, dreams, intentions, and desires. Be as specific as possible.

Read your list aloud. You can go outside beneath the sky or you can light a candle inside in offering.

Give thanks to the Universe and the Goddess (or your chosen dedication) for hearing your truth.

Read as often as you are called until the Full Moon, and then release the energy in sacred fire trusting in it coming into your life.

You can do this practice with each New Moon.