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Throughout most of my life, I held the belief that once you turn 30, you are old. And while I now realize how silly that was, there are still a massive group of people in the world who are sitting around holding the belief that once they turn 30, their lives are over.

As someone who is now past the age of 30, I have even noticed my friends who are old just a few years over 30 acting as though they are wasting away in old age. Soon after turning 30, I went through a year of struggling with myself. I, too, had given in to the notion that I was too old to be repaired. Talk about ridiculous.

Since then, I have realized that when you are in your 30’s, your life is just beginning. So many wonderful and positive changes have been made to my life because it dawned on me that first and foremost, it’s never too late to start over and be a better version of yourself, and second of all, your 30’s are some of the best years of your life.

If you are about to turn 30 or recently have turned 30, be careful not to get stuck in the “I’m old mindset,” and unintentionally undermind the prosperity of the best years of your life. Here are 6 mistakes most people make.

1. They assume that it’s all “downhill” from here.

It seems odd to me that younger people have this mentality that once you turn 30, your life is over. On the contrary, if you ask someone who is 60 or 70, they will have you know that your 30s are the best years of your life. And honestly, who are you going to believe more? Someone who hasn’t lived through their 30s or someone who has been there done that, and knows what they are talking about.

2. They forget the knowledge they learned from the mistakes of their 20s.

During our 20s, we spend so much time fighting ourselves and the world around us. We spent a lot of those years trying to assert ourselves in the world, rebelling against anything and everything that goes against how we view ourselves. There are a lot of mistakes that are made along the way.

But, mistakes are not the end, and shouldn’t be forgotten. Those mistakes help to redefine you and chart a trajectory through the future. When you turn 30, use those lessons and learn from your mistakes to make your 30s the best years ever!

3. If they don’t have their dream job yet, they assume they never will.

So many people assume that if you haven’t started your dream career by 30, it’s never going to happen. And that is simply not true. Did you know that Jeff Bezos didn’t find Amazon until he was 31? Now, 20+ years later, he is one of the richest men in the world. Orpah Winfrey didn’t catch her big break until the age of 32. And Martha Stewert didn’t manifest her destiny until she was in her 40s. So, stop assuming your life is over because you turned 30.

4. If they are single, they assume they will be forever.

The dating pool is not empty because you are 30. Plenty of people does not meet their soulmates until they are in their 30s. If you are single, you are not alone, and the other fish in the sea is not tainted because they are over 30.

5. They quit caring about their physical health.

A lot of people spend their teens and 20s working out, eating healthy, and taking care of their bodies in other ways only to stop when they hit 30. Others overlook their physical health, only to see the results of that upon hitting 30. Regardless of who you are, your 30s are not the time to stop caring for yourself. On the contrary, it’s the time to buckle down and start making investments in your health that will pay off in time.

6. They decide their future is set in stone.

When you hit 30, your destiny is not yet made. There is so much more time left for you to change your career, start a healthy eating journey, start a business, get married and so much more! Living with a fixed mindset at any age is a recipe for disaster!