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For the most part, we all want to be successful in our careers. And while success may seem like a daunting task, it isn’t that difficult to achieve. Your success has much to do with your mindset.

Of all of the mindsets we can have, the following 6 are the best for careers. And if you don’t currently have a mindset like this, it’s never too late to shift your perspective and change things up. If you found this article, you are likely to be open to doing whatever it takes to improve and flourish in your career.

1. Be goal-oriented.

Goals are so important for career success. And while we likely all have general goals in the back of our minds, I want you to get specific. What do you want most from your career? Break a large goal into small pieces. For example, let’s say that I want to get a promotion. Okay, to do so, perhaps I should first make sure I have mastered EVERY aspect of my current position. My first goal would be to work on what I am weakest at. And then, once I have done that, I will work on each thing I need help with. Each thing could be a three-month goal, and by a year, I could work my way to a promotion.

No matter what it is you want- make direct goals for it. And never stop making goals. Even when you get a promotion or get to where you want to be, continue to improve.

2. Be professionally minded.

Have you ever met someone who just oozed professionalism? Strive to be that person. Carry yourself like a professional, talk to clients as such, and talk to your coworkers as to such. You can be whoever you want to be at home, but at work, no matter where you work, act like a professional. The second you walk through the door, swap your mindset to professional.

3. Keep a growth mindset.

Having a fixed mindset means you believe you are the way you are and that there is no changing it. But, when you have a growth mindset, you are open to the fact that you not only can change but need to adapt and grow. Never accept anything- always be willing to adapt, change and grow, and your career will flourish.

4. Be a hard worker.

If you are someone who puts forth just enough effort to get by, you likely are not going to flourish in your career. Lately, I see a lot of posts on Facebook and similar places, where people brag about how little they work because they are unhappy in their careers. Find a workplace that you feel comfortable with and give it you’re all. Otherwise, it isn’t likely you will find success.

5. Be a routine person.

Are you not a routine person? Well, better late than never. Set a routine and stick to it. Having a routine allows you to prioritize and maximize your productivity, and also will give you a set schedule in which you can work on different aspects of your career. You can take time for meditation, take time to catch up on work correspondence, and doing so, will give you more free time to work towards advancing.

6. Stay open-minded and a forever student in your path.

No matter how far you get in your career, never become complacent. Instead, always stay open to new opportunities for learning and advancement. If your boss offers to send you to a seminar, take it. Networking event for work? Go to it! And above all, don’t ever believe that you know all there is to know about anything. There is always room for growth.