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As parents, I think all of us set out to leave an impact on our children, to teach them the knowledge to help them move through life, but we often don’t think about the lessons they will teach us. When you start to think about it, you might find that you have learned quite a lot from your child without realizing it.

The older my daughter gets, the wiser she has become. To say I am proud is an understatement, and this year, her fourth-grade year, has brought so much change. The more time we spend together, the more I have realized how much she has to teach me. While it may sound crazy, I assure you, she has taught me so much this past year.

Here are 6 lessons I learned from my fourth grader.

1. Every day is an adventure.

My daughter loves life, I can see it on her face every time she experiences something new. She is so excited about life and when I see her excitement, it brings me back to that same carefree mindset, and honestly, I am thankful I have her to show me these things again.

2. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

When we are adults, we become so hung up on succeeding that we lose sight of the journey it takes to get there. We become so entrapped in where we are going-that nothing else matters. But, my daughter has steadily reminded me that the journey, the ride, and the way there are just as important as where you are going.

3. Live in the moment.

My daughter has no real concept of time. The world seems limitless to her- and she lives each moment in the wonder of what will happen next. The smallest things that seem boring and monotonous to me are potential adventures in her eyes.

4. Making friends requires boldness.

It has always astounded me how easily my daughter can make friends. She can walk up to just about anyone and straight up ask, “Do you want to be my friend?” and she isn’t scared or embarrassed or anxious or anything. As a parent, I have been pretty lonely, and struggled to find new friends- but my daughter has shown me time and time again that with a little boldness, anything is possible.

5. Every day is a chance to start over.

Each day is a fresh slate for my daughter. Even if she has a terrible day, she pops up the next day excited to start over and begin anew. This always serves as a reminder to me to never take myself or my life too seriously.

6. It’s okay to show your emotions.

My daughter wears her emotions on her sleeves. Whenever she feels something or has something to say-she says it. She doesn’t hold it in and wait until later-she communicates it right then. The older I have gotten, the more reserved I have become and the more I hold things in, but my daughter constantly reminded me that it’s okay to say how you feel.