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The only real way to get to know yourself is to spend time alone with yourself. If you cannot stand your own company how do you think other people feel? 

When it comes to really learning who we are and figuring out our lives as a whole, we have to spend time on our own. Sure, being alone might not always feel great, but it’s important to face from time to time. Just because you’re on your own for a bit doesn’t mean you have to be lonely, let that sink in before moving forward.

When life becomes too much, and you’re stressed to the max or find that you’re surrounded by toxic people who only want to bring you down or use you, withdraw. Spend some time on your own and work to clear things out properly. Distance yourself from those who are bringing you down and work to uncover where you should go from here within.

Below, I am going to go over some of the best things we can learn when we are on our own. While not everyone will learn these things, those who do are going to be much more capable as a result. The more we allow these things a presence in our lives the better, being alone isn’t always a bad thing. 

6 Things You Can Learn Through Being Alone:

1. You learn that you do not need the approval of others.

When you spend time alone, you learn that you are not the things people say about you. Their approval does not define you. You are still you, whether they are by your side or not.

2. You learn that happiness comes from within.

Through being on your own, you will realize that happiness cannot be found in other people. It is something you must find within yourself. You cannot keep searching for it in other people.

3. You learn more about your own strengths and weaknesses.

The more time you spend with yourself, the more you will work to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. You will come to understand that you are more than what others make you out to be, and it will show. You will overcome so much more when you are alone than when there are people with you.

4. You learn to understand yourself more properly.

When you’re alone, you are given the chance to understand who you are. You get to know yourself more and figure out what matters the most to you. The things that hold no value are things you can move on from without having to think twice.

5. You become more emotionally tuned in to your own needs.

Being alone also gives you time to tune into your emotional self. You become more connected and able to see things as they are. This meaning you are also able to take much better care of your mind and body.

6. You realize that this life is yours to live.

The more time you spend alone, the more you will come to accept that this life is not something other people can determine for you. You must make your own decisions, and you must get through the ups and downs. No one can live life for you.