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Most of us want to find our one true love, and while some of us have found it, others have not. The path to finding your true love can be tricky for some, and while there is no special algorithm to finding love, there are some keys to keep in mind.

The path to finding love can be so daunting that we may unintentionally settle for less. That is the last thing you want to do. Instead, you are going to want to keep the following in mind to help you ensure you end up with the right person.

Here are 6 keys to finding the right person for you.

1. Do not pretend to be someone you are not.

It might be tempting to pretend to be someone you are not, to get a guy or gal’s attention. However, when you do this, you are going to end up in a relationship with a person who does not know the real you. One day, your true self will come out and when it does, if your true self does not mesh well with this person, the relationship you have forged will fall apart.

2. Pay attention to red flags.

As soon as you notice a dealbreaker red flag, do not be afraid to cut the relationship short. For example, if you want kids, and he doesn’t, that is a dealbreaker.

3. Be honest about what you want.

Be upfront from the get-go about what you are looking for. If you are looking for a commitment, and he is not, do not pretend like you aren’t. Instead, say how you feel and see where things go.

4. Spend time between partners working on yourself.

In between partners, work on yourself. Ultimately, we attract a lot of the same energy we give off. So, if you are wanting a partner who has their sh*t together, then you need to get your own in order.

5. Be the person you want to be with.

If you want a hardworking partner, work hard. If you want a kind-hearted partner, be kind. Be the person you want to be with.

6. Make sure there’s plenty of common ground.

For a relationship to work, you need common ground. A strong social foundation, shared core values, and shared goals are good places to start. If you lack those similarities, then the likelihood of the relationship lasting is slim to none.