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Each year around August 8th, the Lions Gateway alignment takes place, allowing an increased flow of energy between the physical and the spiritual realms. And while the energy will peak on the 8th of August, the actual portal will be accessible between July 26th and August 12th.

With that being said, there are several things we’d all benefit from remembering during this time. While it is an amazing gateway for those who are spiritually attuned, and those that take careful steps to harness this powerful energetic flow, if you go into it ignorantly, you may very well get burned.

1. This is the perfect time to receive downloads from your spirit guides.

Have you struggled throughout the year to contact your guides or recognize their messages and signs? If so, take time during this period to read up on ways to contact them and then practice what you find. Try shamanic meditation to travel to the nether realms to speak with your various guides. Learn where they live, how to contact them, and then be open to their downloads.

2. Work on balancing your chakras.

As this energy is readily accessible during this period, you would benefit immensely by practicing chakra balancing and tuning techniques. Sit with your chakra stones and truly dive into chakra practices. Work with your guides to fully balance the chakras that need balancing and also to remove any blocks. During the gateway, this work will be extremely potent due to the opening of the energetic portal.

3. Truly love with all of your heart.

Oftentimes, the modern age has made many of us cold and untrusting of others. During this time, much like the portal, open yourself, mind, body, and soul to the possibilities of love. Not only should this love be towards others, but also turn this love inward to your highest self.

4. Cleanse the cerebellum chakra.

Most people don’t realize this, but we have a chakra known as the cerebellum chakra. This chakra is what allows for our psychic abilities and also for our empathic abilities. Cleanse it by running warm water on the back of your neck while chanting ‘My heart is open, my heart is safe, and I can see clearly through all eyes. I will trust my intuition and find my inner strength as well as my inner truth.’

5. Remember: we are all connected.

Treat others as though they were a part of your self because they are. Remember to be kind and to allow love to flow freely through you, mind, body and soul.

6. Dance to the beat of your drum.

Much like the Lion, the Lionsgate (Leo) Portal urges us to be ourselves. We don’t have to conform to any social norms, and we were created to be our authentic selves. And this is the time to recognize our unique powers and strengths and utilize them to grow on our ever-evolving paths.