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Gaslighting, a term derived from the 1944 film “Gaslight,” is a form of emotional abuse where an individual tries to make another person question their perception of reality. This insidious tactic is a hallmark of psychological manipulation and can be incredibly damaging to the victim’s mental health and self-esteem. Here, we’ll delve into some common gaslighting techniques manipulators use and provide examples of each.

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  1. Trivializing Your Feelings
  2. Denying Reality
  3. Shifting Blame
  4. Withholding Information
  5. Countering
    • Technique: The manipulator will remember events differently from how they happened to make you doubt your memory.
    • Example: After a pleasant outing, they might say, “Remember when you ruined the evening by bringing up that old topic?” even if you didn’t.
  6. Projecting
    • Technique: The gaslighter accuses you of the very behavior they are exhibiting.
    • Example: If they are being unfaithful, they might constantly accuse you of infidelity.

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Gaslighting is more than mere disagreements or misunderstandings—it’s a sustained form of manipulation meant to degrade your trust in your own experiences. Recognizing these techniques is the first step in resisting and combatting this form of emotional abuse.

If you believe you are being gaslighted, it’s essential to seek support from trusted individuals or professionals who can offer guidance and clarity.