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Being in a relationship is not always so cut and dry. While most of us would assume that if you are in a toxic relationship that it would be obvious-when you are in love, you are oftentimes going to be blinded.

However, if you are reading this, it’s very likely that either you have an inkling that your relationship may not be the best, or you know someone whose relationship isn’t the best. Regardless, take what you read here and sit on it. Remember, every situation is different, but if you are beginning to believe your relationship is toxic, it’s time to face it and figure out how to move forward.

6 Differences between toxic love and true love.

1. Toxic love feels forced, while true love just is.

In a toxic relationship, you are always going to feel like you have to fight for it. There are no lulls and if there are, they are short-lived. While true love may require some work- it is not forced.

2. Toxic love is conditional, while true love is unconditional.

Toxic love requires you to change. One or both partners are constantly trying to change the other because they are not right for one another. However, true love is unconditional.

3. Toxic love means constant non-productive fighting, while true love is about compromise.

In a toxic relationship, the fights are constant and never get you anywhere. You could argue for hours, only for nothing to ever change. True love may endure some fights, maybe even frequent arguments (we are all only human) but in the end-there is a compromise and things get better.

4. Toxic love is obsessive, while true love allows you room to be you.

In a toxic relationship, there isn’t healthy or emotionally mature love. Instead, what you get are obsession and co-dependence. In a true love relationship, your partner will understand that you both need time and space to exist as a single individual and not just be enmeshed in the relationship.

5. Toxic love is continuing to repeat the same vicious cycles, while true love evolves.

Toxic relationships continue to move through the same fights, the same arguments, and the same toxic cycles, always going nowhere fast. But, in a healthy relationship, there are fights, but as these fights get resolved, the two parties learn, grow and adapt.

6. Toxic love holds each other in contempt, while true love holds each other in acceptance.

Those who are in a toxic relationship will hold each other in contempt. It’s like a never-ending war going on between the two- and a very toxic push/pull. In a healthy relationship, the two understand, love, and accept each other, flaws and all.