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It’s no surprise that narcissists are heartless, however, we often misunderstand the narcissist’s presence in society. While we may believe we will never encounter one, the truth is, you most definitely will, and if you don’t just meet one, you may even likely date one.

And of course, the impact they leave on your life will be devastating, so much that it may even be considered to leave you permanently effected. And while we can’t prevent them from entering or leaving our lives, we can prepare ourselves for the worst. Are you currently dating a narcissist, or have you already been devastated no more but are currently doubting yourself? Keep reading.

1. The ‘switcheroo.’

Nine out of ten times, narcissists already have someone to replace you with when they breakup. If you are dumped by a narcissist, then you may find they have someone rather quickly, and this is probably why.

2. They will trash you to other people.

As a part of their degradation campaign, they will smear your name to everyone you know. If you have been dumped, prepare for the trail of lies to commence.

3. They will turn the breakup around on you.

Of course, a narcissist can’t allow themselves to become the center of any hatred. To protect their grandiose environment of themselves, they are going to turn the entire breakup around on you.

4. They will ghost you.

If a narcissist is planning to dump you, they may begin ignoring you and pretending as though you don’t exist. And in their minds, they may even kill you off. Whatever the case is, let them go!

5. They will breakup, reel you back in, and breakup all over again.

In a hot/cold moment, they will switch between their feelings for you, and yo-yo date. To protect your sanity, if a narcissist does this to you, let them go!

6. Love is their ultimate weapon.

If you have a decent sex life with your narc, then prepare for them to use this as a weapon. As they notice you want them, they will pull back on the intimacy, like a weapon of war. And then, when they want to get you back, they may throw it at you, and in lavish amounts.