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While children may not come with instructions, if you know the right people who are experienced parents, you can get a little help along the way. Of course, everyone has an opinion, and sometimes, those opinions aren’t always right. So below, we’ve gathered tips from experienced parents to help you out.

Being a new parent can be daunting. There is so much to do, so little time to do it, and so many ways to get it right or wrong. Thankfully, as we grow as parents, we learn little hacks and tricks that make things MUCH easier. Of course, if you are still new at it- you are still learning. So, take it from the experts.

Here are 6 child care tips that experienced parents swear by.

1. Always carry balloons with you.

Allaya Cooks-Campbell says one way she avoids kids fighting over toys, is by carrying a bag of balloons. Whenever the kids begin to fuss, she says just blow up 10 – 20 of them, and anywhere you are at is instantly a party.

2. Make tooth brushing a game.

Does your child struggle with teeth brushing? Set a timer for two minutes, and say ready, set, go. The goal is to get your teeth as clean as possible in two minutes.

3. Get rid of monsters, quickly.

M**_Rules1994 of Reddit says that when her kids get scared at night, she keeps a bottle of ‘monster killer’ nearby. It’s a spray bottle with a label on it and some water. But, she swears by it.

4. Never lose your remote again.

Keep losing the remote? Mstaralynn from Reddit has just the trick for you. Simply gorilla glues your remote to a stuffed animal. Not only is it cute- it ensures that you don’t lose your remote.

5. Get easy help with chores.

When it comes time to do laundry or clean up, make it easy by asking your kids: “Would you rather do laundry, or take a nap?” TheSmolFry from Twitter swears by this trick.

6. Get creative.

Can’t give your little one what they want right now? Kids have mega imaginations, so ‘pretend’ give it to them. For example, if they say, “I want a bandaid,” pretend to pull out an assortment and allow them to pick one out. Then pretend to put it on them. This works with many things.