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Life can be tough, especially when you are still unaware of the brutal truths that you will encounter along the way. The good news is, though, when you prepare yourself for these brutal truths and get them clear in your mind, life can be much easier for you.

Most people are not going to be as honest with you as a stranger. It’s odd, but the people who love us the most are never as ready to give us a hard pill to swallow as a stranger. So, today, I am going to clear the air. As someone who has learned some brutal life lessons and as someone who is brutally honest with me, I think I can shed some light on some brutal life lessons we all need to prepare ourselves for. If you’ve already encountered some of these, let us know in the comments.

1. No one is coming to save you.

A lot of people will tear themselves apart time and time again because they have been through hardship, almost as though they expect that someone is going to come to save them from themselves. I am going to burst your bubble right now and let you in on a little secret: no one is coming to save you. You have to do that for yourself.

2. Just because you want someone, does not mean they are going to want you back.

You can want someone with every fiber of your being. You can do everything for this person. And you can wish upon the star, write an in-depth thesis to manifest them, and the chances are, that if they don’t want to be with you, they aren’t going to be.

3. Just because you want something to happen, does not mean it’s going to.

On the same note, just because you want something and put your focus on it, does not mean you are going to achieve it. A lot of things just aren’t possible, aren’t meant for you, or are beyond your strength. And that’s okay.

4. Most of your problems are your fault.

Yes, bad things happen that are out of our control. But much of our life is based on our choices and our decisions. Much of the other portion is based on our reactions to things that are beyond our control.

5. You cannot love someone else if you don’t love yourself.

If you do not know how to love yourself, you are never going to be able to love anyone else. And even if you do think you love them, if you don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself, you are going to end up hurting them or allowing them to hurt you.

6. You are going to get old.

One day, you are going to get old. You are going to wake up, and your body is going to be saggy and even fat in some places. You will get wrinkles. You will hurt. It’s going to suck, but it’s part of life and it’s unavoidable.