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Kids are still developing, so they are not going to act great all the time. However, some behaviors call for swift action, otherwise, they could develop into long-term personality traits that are unsavory, to say the least.

The question is, where do you draw the lines? What behaviors are acceptable, normal, or even just par of the course, and which ones are completely intolerable? Well, I am glad you asked. Below, I am going to go over 6 bad kid behaviors that if you notice, you need to put a stop to immediately, before things get out of hand.

1. Entitlement.

We all want to give our kids what they want, but when you give them everything they want, you are entering into dangerous territory. Why? Because when you give your child everything they want, whenever they want it, they are going to grow a sense of entitlement. Unfortunately, this can develop into a far more serious issue later down the line.

2. Bullying.

Bullying should come with a zero-tolerance policy. If you notice your child knocking kids down on the playground and stealing their ball, you need to step in and correct them swiftly. Otherwise, you may end up with a grown person who goes around pushing others around.

3. Lying.

A white lie is one thing, but when your child begins lying about everything, you need to put it to a stop. Call out the behavior immediately and place consequences for the behavior. Be consistent, and NEVER set them up to lie.

4. Disrespect for authority.

We live in a world where there are governing authorities over your child, over you, and everyone else. This is for a reason because in many cases, we need order in this world. If your child does not respect rules or authority, they are going to struggle in this world.

5. Aggression.

Aggression is never a good thing. Yes, we all have our bad days, but if your child is hitting, smacking, talking hatefully, and otherwise behaving aggressively regularly, then something is amiss. Either you address this behavior now, or it will bloom into a very massive issue.

6. Laziness.

Your child needs to have a work ethic because that is how you survive in this world and succeed. If you notice your child is a tad lazy, make work fun. Create a chore list and make your child stick to it. When they do, reward them with small rewards like an allowance or treats. This will reinforce motivation.