If you thought the Great American Eclipse was mind-blowing perhaps you should prepare for the ‘Greater American Eclipse’. Yes, there is going to be another total eclipse in the coming years and it’s going to be mesmerizing.

On April 8th of 2024, we will be gaining a total solar eclipse that is truly better than the others. This because it will be the longest totality those of us alive here and now have ever experienced according to Forbes. Total solar eclipses do happen but because of how they happen, many people have never seen one at all. While those of us here in the US got quite the treat back in 2017 that was the first I had ever experienced.

Forbes wrote as follows on the 2024 eclipse and why it should be called the ‘Greater American Eclipse’:

So we know why to see it and where to see it, but what do we call it? The 2017 eclipse was called the “Great American Eclipse” because it was the first after 38 years—and the first coast to coast eclipse in 99 years—and crossed no other country but the U.S. “2024 could be called the “Greater American Eclipse,” or “Great North American Eclipse,” because of the four minute+ duration and the crossing of so many metropolitan areas from Texas to Maine,” said Zeiler.

“After a 38-year total eclipse drought, the United States has the great luck to have twin totalities in 2017 and 2024,” said Zeiler, but they’re not all that North America has on its celestial schedule. There’s also an annular solar “ring of fire” eclipse visible in North America on October 14, 2023. “They’re followed by a total solar eclipses in 2033 in Alaska2044 in Montana, and an even longer six-minute total eclipse crossing the nation in 2045,” said Zeiler.

“So 2045 would absolutely be ranked the ‘Greatest American Eclipse’—you’ll be able to be in the Moon’s shadow in Disney World or Kennedy Space Center. Tough choice!”

This up and coming eclipse could prove to be more watched than the ‘Great American Eclipse’ we saw back in 2017. While tons of people took time out of their day to view that one, this one with more totality and the edge of those who missed out on the last one not wanting to miss this one whether they’re in the path of totality or not. You see, in order to see totality itself you have to be somewhere in the path of the eclipse movement itself. While 215 million people were estimated to have viewed the 2017 eclipse only about 12 million were able to see totality according to Vox.

Because the coming eclipse covers more area and is going to be much longer it’s likely that even more people will be traveling to the path of totality to view this spectacular event. You see, Zeiler who had spoken with Forbes also told them that this time around 32 million people live in the path of totality meaning that along with the number of people who travel to the path of totality could be huge. This eclipse could end up being viewed in totality by around 50 million people, honestly.

Zeiler went on to say as follows when speaking to Forbes:

“When you factor in the heightened interest after the 2017 eclipse and the proximity of the eclipse path to the most populated parts of the country, it’s possible that 40 or 50 million Americans will go to see totality.”

Personally, I will not be missing this eclipse or any others that may come about in my lifetime. If you want to see whether where you live will be able to face totality or not in preparation feel free to click here. For more information on this not so far away eclipse feel free to take a peek at the video below. While it might not sound like much to some since it is still four years away but honestly, four years will fly by in the blink of an eye.

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